Hi. I'm Jason and I'm a photographer and resident of Tokyo. Do you want to see Tokyo like a local? Let's go on a photowalk! Focusing on urban settings, nature getaways, lesser-known back alleys, and fun every-day jaunts around the largest city in the world, see the sights and hear the sounds differently. 

What's to learn?

You're on vacation! You take tons of photos! If you're a beginner behind the lens, you'll see how I capture interesting and compelling images. If you're not new to photography, you'll still have a great time walking around lesser-known areas of the largest city in the world.

And to top it all off, you'll see Tokyo like I do. It'll be fun. Join me!

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Are you on vacation in Japan and looking for some of the best photo ops of the city while in Tokyo? Shibuya is it.  Night time is my favorite time for shooting. I like my photos dark and underexposed a bit. My photo editing style isn't extreme, but I do like to bump up colors a bit and soften the blacks sometimes. I try to concentrate on angles, contrasts, and how items live in the frame (in thirds, mostly).  

I live a few stops south of here and I like to call it "living outside the bubble". So if I'm looking for some retail therapy, an exquisite dining experience, general craziness, or want to find some of the best photo ops in Tokyo, I go here.   

Tonight, I used my Panasonic G9 and Lumix/Leica 15mm f1.7  Here’s a Google Map link to Shibuya station. https://goo.gl/maps/trgDrrTtiwZVmsPs9   

Even living here, Google Maps helps me the most. It’s great to know what exit to get out of, and when the video starts, I leave from exit B2. These little things will help you get to your destination easier.


There's so much to come! Stay tuned for more photowalks around Tokyo!

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